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Luke Steinhauer is a premier vocal coach and Estill Master Trainer based in New York City. He currently maintains an elite private voice studio in Midtown, Manhattan. Speaking and singing clients include Broadway and regional theatre actors, Pop/Rock Artists, Bands, Fortune 500 company leaders, and amateurs alike. Luke currently serves on the faculty of Tu​ Experiencia Broadway as well as The College Audition Advantage (TCAA). Luke has taught voice for Krowne Vocal School NYC, Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit, The Theatre Aspen School, and The Pittsburgh CLO Academy of Musical Theatre. Luke has also served as a Music Specialist working with physically and mentally challenged individuals at The Block Institute in Brooklyn, NY and as a Vocal Teaching Artist with Midori & Friends in New York City Public Schools. Luke is a part of the leadership team at Estill Voice International and regularly offers Estill Voice Training® courses in New York City.

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15+ Years Teaching Voice 

Clients represented on Broadway, on TV/Film, in Bands, performing at the Met, leading companies, and nailing karaoke night.  

Science backed, evidenced based instruction 

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