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I can help you achieve your personal vocal goals. 

Personalized, effective, and science backed voice training- in person & online.

"I started lessons with Luke and absolutely loved it! He really encouraged me and motivated me to reach my goals, and after just a few sessions we both saw a noticeable improvement in my range, sound and overall confidence. Highly recommend!"

-Lucy, Voice-over Artist 

Luke Steinhauer is a premier vocal coach and Estill Master Trainer, based in New York City. He currently maintains an elite private voice studio in Midtown, Manhattan. Speaking and singing clients include Broadway and regional theatre actors, Pop/Rock Artists, Bands, Fortune 500 company leaders, and amateurs alike. Luke has taught voice for Krowne Vocal School NYC, Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit, The Theatre Aspen School, and The Pittsburgh CLO Academy of Musical Theatre. Luke has served as a Music Specialist working with physically and mentally challenged children at The Block Institute in Brooklyn, NY and a Vocal Teaching Artist with Midori & Friends in New York City. Luke regularly offers Estill Voice Training courses in New York City at Columbia University. 


Mentored by his mother and current President of Estill Voice International, Dr. Kimberly Steinhauer, Tony Award Winning Vocal Coach, Joan Lader, as well as Jo Estill herself, Luke offers a friendly, holistic, and scientific approach to voice training free from aesthetic bias and focused on individual student goals. 

Luke is also Director of Operations at Estill Voice International. Estill Voice International provides unparalleled educational opportunities, software solutions, specialized healthcare products, and the world-renowned Estill Voice Training®. 


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